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Our Story

More than Great Food

At Quo Vadis Pizzeria we take food seriously and we aim to please our customers. We take pride in what we do and you can taste it! We are well known for our Wood Fired Pizza. Our Wood Fired oven creates the perfect Pizza every time with a crispy, yet soft and chewy crust. Did you know that Wood Fired Pizza is also much healthier? 

Our experienced Staff is always ready to serve you and committed to make your dining experience a true pleasure. 

A trip to our restaurant is always a treat and if you crave our food but would like to stay home you can always order our food online and have it delivered right at your doorstep. It is also possible to pick up our delicious food.  

Our Unique and delicious Wood Fired Oven Pizza


Serving Greatness Everyday!


Founded on Family Values

Quo Vadis Pizzeria in Chatham was founded way back in the 70s and proudly influenced by Canadian, Greek, Cypriot and Italian values. 


A Little Taste of Italy and more

Our menu consists of authentic Italian, Greek, Cypriot and Canadian dishes that are prepared with fresh ingredients and prepared by passionate and experienced chefs.


Authentic Recipes Reimagined

Our recipes are authentic and perfected throughout the years. Each and every single menu item has the right amount of ingredients to offer you the perfect dish over and over again.


Looking for a job in the restaurant business ?

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